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Have you ever wanted to start a business of your very own? Has it always been a dream of yours? Well, meet Amanda McCuiston. She courageously started a snow cone business not because it was her dream to do so but because she just said, “Why not?” This snow cone adventure began two years ago when Amanda saw the snow cone truck for sale on Facebook. However, one year after Covid hit, everything came to a stop. Even with that curveball, Amanda managed to bounce back and has created a beautiful business, Tiki Island Snow, in serving others with love.

Snow Cone Weekends

As of right now, Amanda is a full-time nanny during the week. So for now she works her snow cone biz on the weekends only. She does birthday parties, celebrations, and events. Amanda may not have ever dreamt of owning a snow cone business, but she believes in working hard and setting an example for her daughter. Her passion and integrity for business have brought her success and new friendships. Her goal is to move into a bigger trailer. She also plans on turning the trailer into a coffee trailer during the colder months. Stay tuned for that exciting news! Amanda has such a giving heart. Every first Friday of the month, she participates in charity events.

Amanda, your drive is a true inspiration! Your go-getter mentality is encouraging! I always enjoy a great adventure, but I tend to lack the courage to go for it. I had a great time during your photoshoot, and I look forward to hearing about your coffee adventures. Thank you for sharing your business with me. Until next time may God bless you in your business and life.

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