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We all believe that everyone deserves to have a voice, but have you ever spoken to a child and misunderstood what they were saying? It can certainly be confusing but what about the child? Imagine how frustrating it must be for the child whose communicating with you. Not to mention, this can cause them to grow up with a lack confidence in their voice. Nonetheless, that is why Grace is here. She is a passionate Speech Language Pathologist providing the best speech therapy for children and helps adults with stuttering.

Speech Services That Come To You

Grace has been in the speech therapy field for three and a half years. She started working in the public school system, then, with her husband’s love and support, chose to go off on her own and created her own business in July 2022. Her business is Cypress Speech Therapy, and it is a mobile service. So, Grace comes to your house and provides your children with the tools, from fun games to engaging exercises. She serves the Liberty Hill, Leander, and Cedar Park areas. She does everything in the comfort of your home, developing more skills and making one-on-one connections that help make a difference. To say that Grace is changing the value of speech therapy would be an understatement. She is dominating in bringing value to families.

Confidence in Speaking

She desires to help children and adults gain confidence through speech. Grace also teaches parents how to help their children outside of the lessons. And she has hopes to help other Speech Pathologists in the field also. Grace has seen imposter syndrome kick in and take over, so Her advice to other SLPs is… .know your value, don’t doubt yourself or your abilities, and be confident when speaking.

Grace, you are a Speech Pathologist rockstar! The games you play and the way you reach kids are genuine. You have a gift to help others in a way that speaks volumes. Thank you for hiring me as your photographer! I enjoyed witnessing the difference and value you bring to families.

Are you searching for a Speech Pathologist? Search no more and reach out to Grace here: https://www.cypressspeech.com

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