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brand photoshoot

I can’t believe I did it! 

Waiting so long only held me back!

I finally invested in my very first brand photoshoot! As an interior & brand photographer, I could have saved money and easily captured my own brand photoshoot. After all, it is what most photographers are doing. It’s called Self Portraits. However, I wanted to experience what it truly felt like to be in front of the camera. It was the only way I could understand and relate to how my clients feel. And my goodness, did I feel nervous! 

I quickly learned that there was no need to be anxious about my brand photoshoot especially when you hire the right photographer. And to be honest, I battled within my mind on whether I was really making the right investment. Was it the right time? Is it too much? Why am I doing this? When I asked myself WHY, it brought me back to the whole reason. I created my photography business to glorify God. He gave me a passion for photography and a heart to serve and love other mompreneurs. I need to keep taking action in showing up and being consistent. And the investment in my brand photoshoot helped me do just that. I have tons of images to create beautiful and helpful content. With these images I can even make new marketing materials, update my website, and so much more!

I went into this brand photoshoot experience to become a more relatable photographer and I got back so much more. Through this process, I learned important things and now I can better serve my mompreneurs. I think we can all learn a lot through a brand photoshoot experience and we all have a beautiful story to tell. God created only one of you and one of me fearfully and wonderfully. We all see and do things differently. It is through our experiences that we can all learn, grow, and encourage one another.

Speaking of learning from one another, I want to share what I have learned through this process.

brand photoshoot

Brand Photoshoot Photographer

As the one behind the camera, I got comfortable, so the thought of getting in front of the camera for a brand photoshoot was quite scary for me. However, I knew that I needed to get this done. My photographer, Alicia, was so great! And it was clear to me that when you choose the right photographer, you will have a great experience. So you might be wondering how to choose the right photographer. 

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Brand Photoshoot Photographer:

  1. Follow them on social media & get to know them
  2. Do you like the look & feel of their work?
  3. Are they professionals or a hobbyist?
  4. What is the photographer’s area of expertise?

Brand Photoshoot Location

When booking a brand photoshoot, location really does matter. Before, I would meet my clients at a park or their homes. Well, not anymore! I will now make sure we have the best location for their brand. I don’t own a studio, but there are many places to choose from, especially with sites like Peerspace. So what exactly is the right location?

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Brand Photoshoot Location:

  1. Think about your brand story. Where do you work?
  2. What is your business vibe?
  3. Think about places that inspire you. 

Brand Photoshoot Hair & Makeup

Last but not least is the right hair & makeup. I used to think my clients applying their own makeup & doing their own hair for a brand photoshoot was fine. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Living everyday life, we don’t hire a professional. But when it comes to being on camera, you need one otherwise your face will look washed out. And having your hair done for you is one less thing you will have to worry about. Now you might be wondering where to find such a professional. Most likely, your photographer will have one or at least know of someone. And if they don’t, you can research for a hair and makeup artist in your area.

Now, I have received my images from my brand photoshoot, and I am ecstatic! I am so glad I took the leap and went through this process. Thank you, Alicia, for all your hard work, making me feel calm & capturing my story beautifully! Heather, thank you for making me look so fabulous! My dear friend, Mariah, thank you for standing in as my model and for coming out to support me. And Sarah, thank you for allowing us to use your bright & lovely space. May you all be abundantly blessed! 

If you are curious about scheduling a brand photoshoot for your business, then contact me here:

In your discovery call we will chat and see if you and I would be the right fit:)

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