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It all began in March 2018 when Angela decided to take a leap of faith and open a part-time boutique. She worked full-time as a finance director for her church and started working her boutique out of her home, hosting private parties, and doing pop-ups. In between the private parties, she had shopping appointments. Angela chose to name her boutique, Turquoise Peacock. Turquoise, because she loves that color and Peacock, because they shed their feathers for a new season in life, and that’s exactly what Angela was going through, a new chapter.

In November 2018, Angela went to visit her sister in Oklahoma. While there, she saw her sister’s boutique trailer parked and untouched. She thought of having a mobile boutique and asked her sister if she could purchase it. Angela knew her sister was no longer using the trailer, so this was a perfect opportunity for her. Angela’s sister agreed, and that’s when Angela added a mobile boutique to her in-home private parties. The mobile Turquoise Peacock boutique allowed Angela to meet more people and conveniently brought all the shopping to them. Setting up for the fun driveway parties was a lot of work, but she enjoyed hosting them.

After a year in business, Angela created a website for Turquoise Peacock to make ordering easier for her customers. And in March 2021, Angela took another leap of faith and quit her job as a finance director to pursue her boutique full-time. She wasn’t sure if her business would make it, but she hoped it would. After a few months, Angela decided to open a brick & mortar. It is through this business that she has created beautiful friendships. Angela boasts about her support team, which are called her Peacock Elves. She said, she couldn’t have done it without them.

Angela has been in her brick & mortar for two years now. And it’s clear that she has put a lot of dedication and love into decorating her space. She offers fun events throughout the year and a monthly Sip n’ Shop where women can come together, unwind, and shop. Through this business journey, Angela found that fashion trends come and go, so it was never about selling but building relationships. Her motto is ” I create relationships through fashion and fun!”

Angela, thank you for sharing your story with me. I loved hearing how you took your leaps of faith and pushed through, even in times of difficulty. You turned your dreams into a reality! That is so inspiring!

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