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Simply Home, a little yellow house, is more than a boutique. It is a missions field where owner Tami serves and loves others. One of the ways that Tami serves and loves others is by praying for them. Her and her staff do so by providing a dedicated prayer wall for people to share their prayer requests. Tami is from Brownwood, Texas, and moved to Liberty Hill in 2005. She taught at Liberty Hill High School for a few years before she left to get her Masters. After she received her Master’s, she took a year off and volunteered at church, where she met some amazing friends.

As Tami’s friends decided to go on mission trips, they asked Tami to join them, but Tami saw another mission, one that reached her community. So, when Tami found the perfect place to open a little boutique, she jumped right in. Even though she didn’t have any experience when it came to owning a boutique, she knew this was what the Lord was calling her to do. How amazing is that?! A mom of two took a BIG leap of faith and began on a journey she would have never imagined for herself.

When Tami opened the doors to her boutique, it was called Simply Home Decor and More. She started with decor and eventually added even more, a little something for everyone. After a few years, Tami decided to rebrand her boutique and changed the name to Simply Home Boutique. Tami’s mompreneur journey hasn’t been the easiest, but she has learned a lot. She hit the nail on the head when she said her hardest obstacle was marketing. I know that obstacle all too well! Getting your name out there as a brand is difficult, but also a learning process.

It’s quite amazing what we can learn through the process of building a business as mompreneurs. Like many mompreneurs, Tami has learned to trust the Lord and that she is never alone. Tami said the Liberty Hill community has always been supportive. Tami’s mompreneur advice is to pray over your dream and see where the Lord leads. And don’t let fear stop you! That hit hard when I heard her say that because that is exactly what I did, I allowed fear to stop me. How many of you have allowed fear to freeze you in your tracks?

Tami, thank you for sharing your story with me. I am so amazed how you jumped in with no experience and learned everything along the way. It is inspiring to hear how the Lord has led you and such a sweet reminder to know that we are never alone! May the Lord continue to bless you as you follow Him through your mompreneur journey.

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