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Have you ever walked into Fletcher’s Florals or a flower shop? They smell amazing! Fletcher’s Florals is a cute little flower shop is in Liberty Hill, Texas, and has been open since September 2022. Shauna Wardlaw is the owner of said shop. If you are at all like me, you might be wondering where the name Fletcher’s Florals came from.

Well, it all began with a sweet, loving dog, a Great Dane. He was small for his size weighing about 125lbs. And you got it…his name was Fletcher. He loved to be clean and was a dainty eater. Fletcher loved people and was quite fascinated with the snow. Shauna and her husband Glen got Fletcher when they first started dating and had the opportunity to spend 11 fun-filled years with him before he passed away. Fletcher meant so much to both of them. Shauna wanted to pay tribute to him by naming her floral business after him.

When Shauna was a little girl, she has always loved floral shops. One of her fondest memories is when her parents owned a snow cone stand, which happened to be next to a florist. She remembers that florist as a genuine floral shop. As soon as you walked in, you were greeted with beautiful flowers everywhere, and people went in and bought flowers by the stem. Shauna told herself that one day, she would have her flower shop.

Fast forward to today, and she does! It is honestly quite amazing how the Lord worked it all out. Shauna and Glen’s passion for flowers came together in such a harmonious way. Glen’s background is in Horti Culture, which means he is knows a lot about plants and flowers. He can tell you the scientific names of many plants and flowers. At the same time Shauna has always loved flowers. All in all opening up Fletcher’s Florals seemed like a wonderful opportunity for their family.

Shauna envisioned a flower shop similar to the one she saw as a little girl. Only it’s taken a different path than she ever expected. Although what really became a big hit was flower arrangements for weddings and events. Something she never thought she would do but has come to love. She has learned a lot through this mompreneur journey. She especially pours her heart and soul into serving others.

Shauna knew that the Lord was leading the way, and it all came clear when her retail space fell into her lap. Then she seen everything else falling into place. Shauna’s advice for other mompreneurs is that you can be a mom and a business owner. It is possible! She said, “Family comes first, you prioritize, and if people don’t understand that, it’s ok; they’re not your customers.” Shauna also said to remember to be kind when working with small business owners, we all put a lot of love and energy into what we do.

Shauna, you are so talented in arranging florals! What an amazing gift! Thank you for sharing your story with me. Your little shop is lovely, and every time I walk in and smell those flowers it brings me joy. I pray that the Lord blesses you and helps guide you in your mompreneur journey.

Flowers dying too quick? Here are a few flower tips from Shauna:

*change out water daily or every other day
*when you change out water, clip the end of the stem
*add a tablespoon of bleach to the water

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